Nextzett 96110515 Klima-Cleaner Air Conditioner

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  • Evaporator cleaner eliminates air conditioning odors at the source with results that lasts for months
  • Removes pollen, dust and nicotine film
  • Water-based and free of caustic chemicals since it’s for use in a vehicle’s cabin area. Klima Cleaner Pro is also free of synthetic fragrances that can cause an allergic reaction with some users. We only use natural fragrances
  • Helps improve the cooling efficiency and performance of your air conditioner
  • Made in Germany
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A professional air conditioner cleaner that effectively removes odors, dust and pollen buildup from the evaporator core of the air conditioner system for fresh and clean air that lasts for months. Klima-Cleaner is applied by removing the blower fan or through the evaporator drain tube. The special cleaning foam is then injected into the system where it removes pollen, dust, nicotine film, and odor causing contaminants. For best results, apply every 3-6 months and replace your cabin/pollen air filters. In addition to keeping the air smelling fresh, cleaning the evaporator will allow it to work at maximum efficiency for cooler air in the summer months. Klima-Cleaner is water-based and does not contain any harsh chemicals that can cause irritation. ATTENTION: Read instructions before using! DO NOT apply through the vents. We highly recommend professional application only. If uncertain about application, have a certified mechanic apply product.

About your vehicle’s A/C system Air conditioners work by drawing moisture from the air which in turn reduces the ambient temperature. The water collected by your car’s air conditioner unit is drained through the drain tube and underneath the car. However, some moisture stays inside the A/C unit (found within the dashboard) allowing odor causing contaminants including pollen and dust to collect. Klima-Cleaner flushes out the A/C system and the odors for fresher, cleaner air. Apply every six months for continuous clean air. Cleaning process of evaporator using Klima-Cleaner Professional. How it works Klima-Cleaner Pro is a water and salt-based cleaner that removes odors from the air conditioner unit. When properly applied, the foaming cleaning solution is directed on to the evaporator, ducting and housing where dust, pollen and other debris have inhabited. The cleaner loosens and removes the contaminants which then drain out of the car through the drain tube thereby removing the source of the odor. Helps prevent odors from immediately returning. See additional tips below for odor prevention: Change cabin/pollen air filter every time you apply Klima-Cleaner to prevent air flow restriction which can put stress on the blower fan. Unless it’s really cold or hot outside, set your air setting to the fresh air mode (instead of recirculate). This will reduce humidity in the evaporator housing. Make sure the A/C drain tube is dripping water underneath the car after using the A/C. Keep the fresh air intake free of leaves and debris to reduce stress on blower fan.