Electric Pasta and Ramen Noodle Maker Machine with 9 Multi-Functional Shapes, Make 1 Pound of Homemade Noodles For Making Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Penne, Macaroni

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  • 🍝【9 NOODLE&3 DUMPLING MOLDS】One machine,let you enjoy different styles of noodles at any time. Including nine different molds for small round noodles, flat noodles, hollow noodles, etc, as well as three kinds of molds to help make dumplings. Make your dinner full of fun, and choose different styles of noodles that children like to eat.
  • 🍝【CONVENIENT&TIME-SAVING】: There is no need to mix, knead, or roll the noodles, just pour the flour into the machine, press the start button, and add an appropriate amount of water,simple operation, easy for the elderly and children.It only takes 5-10 minutes to make the noodles.No complicated production procedures,want to eat anytime, make anytime!
  • 🍝【EASY TO CLEAN】Three non-stick die heads, the noodles are extruded smoothly and not sticky; high scraper feeding, efficient use of flour, leaving less flour and all the detachable parts can be washed in the dishwasher.All detachable parts can be washed in a dishwasher. For faster cleaning, please allow all remaining dough to dry before starting cleaning. The included tools can help you clean the noodle maker in less time.
  • 🍝【ONE KEY OPERATION】One-button switch, noodles made by intelligent program, easy to operate, suitable for the elderly and children.Only one button on our machine. At first, add ingredients by us. Then starting the machine with one click, it will automatic to complete the remaining process of making noodles: mix flour and ingredients, knead into dough, and squeeze out the pasta. Through our pasta machine, even that the elderly could easily make pasta too.
  • 🍝【PURE COPPER SILENT MOTOR】High-performance upgraded motor with longer service life and no noise. It’s worth your choice.The stirring bar inside make the flour and liquid mixed evenly and thoroughly from every corner, resulting in the perfect dough consistency.
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Product description


Product Highlight:

Product type:

Body material: ABS

color: White

Number of dies: 9

Dumpling mold: 3

Power: 180W

Function: make noodles, make noodles, dumpling wrappers, colorful noodles

Capacity: 1.32 pounds (600g)

Speed: 60-70

Control switch: mechanical switch

Scope of application: making fresh pasta, spaghetti or macaroni, etc.


1. Pinch open the lid, do not use excessive force, otherwise it may damage its air tightness.

2. Please press the icons to select the mode and start, you will hear a “click” sound when you press them.

3. Please pour water slowly through the water inlet. The eggs must be mixed with water before being poured.

4. Do not use with mixed vegetables, only with vegetable juice.

5.1 servings: 1 cup flour, 60-70 ml water or egg mixture

6.2-3 servings: 2 cups of flour, 110 ml of water or egg mixture

7. The crumb condition is the ideal dough to squeeze out, don’t worry about being too dry.

Package includes:

1 x Electric noodle maker

1 × Fabric bucket

1 × transparent cover

1 × large nut

2 × small nuts

1 × Noodle stick

1 × mixing and dough stick

1 × fixed baffle

1 × Dumpling wrapper mold

1 × Dumpling mold

1 × Dumpling mould

9 × Production mold (small thin noodles/fine round noodles/small round noodles/wide flat noodles/hollow noodles/small areas/anti-sticking wide noodles/anti-sticking small areas/anti-sticking small round noodles)